THE COGS- The team behind The Machinery

The Team behind The Machinery.

Inayat Pawar – Media Liaison


Inayat Pawar studies pharmaceutical sciences at Punjab University as she wishes to
pursue research in pharmacognosy, intrigued by the magical properties
of healing in plants. A believer of magic, parallel universes and bootstrap paradoxes, she wants to travel in time more than anything. You can find her here.

Lunadala – Illustrator


Lunadala is a digital artist who’s slightly obsessed with space, plants, and Studio Ghibli. She draws feminine illustrations and her color palette mostly consists of pastel colors. She loves French culture, especially their style and architecture, which usually inspires most of her artwork.

Modita – Illustrator

Modita Kathpalia

Modita is doing engineering in UIET, Panjab University, Chandigarh. She aims to travel
the world, and has becoming famous as an artist on her bucket list. Her Plan A is to make her parents proud and Plan B is to open up an Art Gallery. You can find her works on Instagram.

Arushi Gupta – Illustrator

Arushi Gupta

Arushi Gupta is a 20-year-old alien studying to be a dentist in Chandigarh. She is
a die-hard otaku and wishes to go to Japan soon.  You can find her singing Japanese songs, making some artsy concoction or taking weird photographs in the streets of Chandigarh.

You can find her works here.

Garima Mahajan – Photographer, Proofreader.


Garima Mahajan is our proofreader who lives in a yellow
spaceship that’s drifting in a wormhole. When she’s not reading, you can find her taking pictures of windows, or planning world domination.

Ankur Chabra – Poetry Editor


Ankur Chhabra, currently pursuing Bachelors of Science from P.G.G.C-11, Chandigarh. A poet who lives in a universe of infinite dimensions, where thoughts travel from one to another, and yet resides in the realms of sanity and rationality. You can contact him here.

Pranav Kapil – Poetry Editor

Pranav Kapil

Pranav Kapil likes to dabble in many forms of art, photography, painting, doodling, writing, etc. Creating art as he says is a personal necessity. mostly it is a pursuit of finding the ideal escapist distraction. He admits to being greatly influenced by Jorge Luis Borges, Franz Kafka and Arthur Rimbaud. He is also a big foreign film buff and a foodie.

Himanshu Goel – Founder, Fiction Editor

Himanshu Goel

Himanshu Goel is a 21 year old engineer currently pursuing his masters at MICA Ahmedabad. He is also an interviewer at Pendora magazine. His poetry and fiction have been published in various literary journals. You can usually find him at a McDonalds or a football field. You can follow him on Instagram or Twitter.

Past Editors

Jaspreet Kaur – Photographer

Jaspreet Kaur is a 22 year old economics student in Panjab university, India.12439526_10204752825215149_5282659334391447185_n.jpg
She has been a winner of Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi award in panjabi poetry. She’s a nature lover and a budding photographer. She thinks that there are hidden universes evolving inside us and we all shall pursue to find those.
You can spot her in cafes of Chandigarh sipping life over a coffee and trying new cuisines. You can find her here.

Gursaya Grewal – Poetry Editor

Gursaya Grewal is a 19 year-old studying in ISSER, Panjab University.  She has been 12243151_10201150278834656_5292523023863057593_nreading poetry since she was born. She performs spoken-word poetry wherever she can and has started a poetry society in Chandigarh called Kavi-tactic. You can find her here.


Adarsh Raj – Fiction Editor

Adarsh Raj (aka Wolf Of All Streets) takes life as it comes in his face, and runs down IMG_20151216_092050his chin. People catch flies with honey, but he catches more honey(s) being fly. He can fill 18 holes in one day and still find time for golf. Hannah Montana said nobody’s perfect, but here he is. Oh and he stole my girl! ” As told by everyone. You can find him here.


We are always looking for young people to work with us. Designers, artists and photographers, Contact us with something about yourself and samples of your work at .

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