Submissions are now closed. Thank you for the amazing response.

What we’re looking for –

Theme – Fauna.   

There have been traces of Fauna throughout the world of literature. From Aesop’s fables to Animal Farm, writers have used animals to convey messages that human characters just can’t.
You’re free to use any animal, bird, aquatic creature in your poem or fiction. Even fictional Fauna (we love dragons).
We hope you have fun conjuring up tales and poetry of Fauna!

You can send general submissions beside the theme but preference will be given to the themed submissions.

Previously unpublished-

FLASH FICTION – 300-1000 words. We don’t like to restrict ourselves to any genres. So anything from high school drama to high fantasies is welcome.

POETRY – Up to 3 poems in a single submission. Free verse, haiku, ballad, classical or anything else you can conjure. Bring it on.

ART – Contact us at for art submissions.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed but let us know as soon as your work gets selected somewhere else.

How to submit –

Mail 1 piece of flash fiction or up to 3 poems in a single document as an attachment or in the body of the email to with the subject ‘Submission’. Make sure you include a cover letter with your submission in the email. Also include a 3-4 lines bio along with your submission. You can also include any website or Social Media links.

There are no hard rules for formatting but it should be readable for the editors.

Rights –

As soon as we publish the collection, the rights will revert to the author. If your work is published somewhere else after we request you to mention The Machinery as the first place of publication.

Response Times –

We will try our best to response within a week of submission.

Right now we can’t pay our contributors but we’ll do our best to promote your work on social media.

PS – If we like something but it doesn’t make it to the final edition, we might post it on the website with your bio and respective links.



For any queries you can mail us at

Follow The Machinery!


38 thoughts on “SUBMISSIONS

      1. Thanks. And what about something that is published on a small scale, such as in a college magazine?


  1. Also, I have a far as our rights go. It seems like your second sentence under your rights was not complete. And how would it be that someone else publishes our things. Do you sell them somewhere to third parties? I don’t understand who we are requesting to use your magazine first. Who are we submitting it to….you or someone else and what then happens to our rights if someone else publishes it? Just curious.


  2. Thank you so much for visiting ‘WendysWrittenWords’ and more importantly for giving my poem the thumbs up. Being the eternal optimist, I take that as a sign that any future work I submit might be considered worthy of publication in your magazine. On the strength of that, I’ll certainly subscribe to TMM. Let’s drink a virtual toast to that! 🙂


  3. Hello, I tried to send this to your above email link, but it came back to me. I am curious if you have an approximate date of when new submissions will be accepted? Also, is there a particular subject you are looking for in the poetry-realm?
    Thank you 🙂


  4. This is great news. I will submit few flash fictions/short stories which are already published on personal story blog. I hope that is fine. Also how about some serialized stories ?


  5. Thanks for reading my various poetry and short stories. Will be submitting within a couple days, and have told a couple buddies about your magazine! Here’s hoping I get in the next edition!



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