Bar Night by Kaitlin Oster


Glasses of beer emptied over
the course of the night,
along with my
poured over the floor
and the bar.
People sat around, oblivious
to the mess we were

Neon lights glistened
off eyes that were full
but resisting to
what neither of us
would be ready
to say.
Leaning in when the
stories got good,
pushing your soul into
and pulsing
with the music.

Dull roars of drunken public
and feeling the most
at home
when facing you –

The humming lights
like the static cling
of your hand
finding itself on
my knee.

About the Author


Kaitlin is an unpublished poet, and a writer of narrative non-fiction, with essays published through Dan’s Papers on Long Island.
She has her bachelor’s from Bridgewater State University, with completed credits at the University of Oxford. Always a passionate writer, words became an outlet for her full-time in 2011 after losing her mother to addiction and struggling to find her voice and path. A few of her inspirations are poets such as Bukowski, Sylvia Plath, Yeats, and Russian poet, Boris Pasternak.

About the Artist


Arushi Gupta

Arushi Gupta is a 22-year-old alien studying to be a dentist in Chandigarh. She is
a die-hard otaku and wishes to go to Japan soon.  You can find her singing Japanese songs, making some artsy concoction or taking weird photographs in the streets of Chandigarh.

You can find her works here.


Bar Night is part of the weekly poem publications from the literary collection The Machinery. You can submit your poetry and fiction here.

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