The Machinery – 5th edition



  1. Anniversary by Karen Jennings
  2. What would you have of me by A. Marie Kaluza
  3. On losing hope by Jill Talbot
  4. When the night comes visiting by Sudhanshu Chopra
  5. Resistance by Mark. J Mitchell
  6. A Painting I never painted by John Tustin
  7. A little jazz bird by Ron Ballard
  8. We by Deeksha Bhat
  9. Lotus Fervor by Rose Knapp
  10. Bombay Blues by Gaamangwe Joy Mogami



  1. World Cup by Jason Staggie
  2. Uche’s Eyes by Modipe Abidakun
  3. The Grader by Jared Levy
  4. Another Small Star by Rosie Houston

We hope you like the amazing collection of fiction and poetry we have lined up for you from around the world. Keep creating magic and we’ll provide The Machinery for it.

Himanshu Goel
Ankur Chhabra


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