When the night comes visiting by Sudhanshu Chopra

Illustration by Klarissa
Illustration by Klarissa

Your fingertips baptized in star ink—transparent, dewy,
move in almond shapes
on my mirror face hazy
from your breathing,

you wipe, breathe, wipe again,
I begin to blink
like a child forever pulled away by his mother
from bathed swings
that move in crescent arcs:
my feet all silver from your smile,

yet I tiptoe in the rainy slipperiness
of your hair fringes. Amused,

you shake your head, trinkets fall
like my wet-earth scented clumps
that I look for in black puddles
under your showering radiance.

About the Author


 When you’re left with no hope, the person comes to you.

Sudhanshu Chopra hails from India. He draws inspiration to write from observation, memories, subconscious, books he reads, movies he watches, and music he listens to. Sometimes a phrase or simply a word is enough. Some of his poetry has been published in In Between Hangovers, Anti Heroin Chic, Calamus Journal, Wordweavers, FIVE:2:ONE, and Right Hand Pointing. Some more of his poems/thoughts can be found at his blog, The Bard

About the Illustrator

You can find more of Klarissa’s amazing art on Instagram.

When the night comes visiting is one of the many amazing poems from the upcoming edition of the literary collection The Machinery.

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