Illustration by Rafaa Ali

Avatars by Anna Lavigne


Illustration by Rafaa Ali
Illustration by Rafaa Ali

You talked of avatars
conjured by me
sea creature; mermaid; butterfly, gazelle
dragonflies dancing
on Scottish dawns.

The birds you spied along the shore
grew smaller and fainter
with your failing eyesight,
til even binoculars could not restore
their plumage.

You felt the call of your kinsmen all.
Described their images
as the terns that soared
along the Spey.

That last time
we parted company,
the only creatures, silent witness,
were a solitary heron
grounded, watchful
and a mournful dolphin,
rising up
out of the bay.

About the Author

Anna Lavigne

 On Avatars: “Enchantment, fragility; transcendence.”

Anna lives in the Highlands of Scotland and loves words, play, wordplay, music, art and the sea. She has two far-flung sons who cheer her heart and fills their empty spaces with stuff and nonsense. She enjoys trying to write lyrics and composing songs in the shower.

About the Illustrator
Rafaa Ali
Rafaa Ali is a 19-year-old from Maldives. She loves taking photos, especially of nature and portraits. You can follow her on Instagram here.

Avatars is one of the many amazing submissions we have received so far for the third edition of the literary collection The Machinery. You can read the submission guidelines here.

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7 thoughts on “Avatars by Anna Lavigne

  1. The birds growing smaller and fainter, with your failing eyesight.

    The marriage of your words is complete even though the heron/swan/stork/pigeon is not necessarily a resident of Speyside. Who cares eh? Love it. Inspiring actually.



    1. Thank you Rivenrod,
      The heron does reside at Speyside, though as you rightly say, ‘who cares’ 🙂 Symbols, metaphors… So happy you enjoyed the poem!


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