Meresha interview with The Machinery

Artist Interview – Meresha

Meresha : (musical) artist, vegan & alien lover.

Meresha interview with The Machinery

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Young Indie singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer creating eclectic digital pop with a soulful throwback voice. 

Meresha’s music has landed on Top 40 Billboard charts 3 times while her videos have been played internationally, including on MTV properties.  She’s been the #1 Indie artist in the US for a month.

Her late 2016 releases are”Together” and “Juntos”, which is Meresha’s first song in Spanish.  A fun lyric video shot in the Bahamas and Florida introduces the song.

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Here is our editor Himanshu Goel in conversation with her about her inspiration, her vegan lifestyle and more.


Q. What’s the inspiration behind the New Revolution EP, its music and lyrics?


“New Revolution” includes songs based on things I had seen or experienced. It includes 4 songs including “New Revolution”, which is a bit of a manifesto. It is about bringing back the good things of the past to create a new reality. The song made the Billboard Top 40 Pop Indicator chart and the video was played on MTVu.
The album also includes my first ballad “You”, a song about the cool kids in town “Lemonade City” and “August” which looks back on great summer memories.


Q. Is there any song that you feel is underrated or undiscovered that you want people to listen to?


Probably “You” from the “New Revolution” EP. It’s a ballad but it has a lot of power in it. Not sure it has received enough listens yet for it to catch on. Maybe it will be a late discovery.

Q. You describe yourself as a vegan, what are your thoughts on the lifestyle? When did you decide to become vegan?


I’ve been vegan for 5 years. I started because of my love for animals and haven’t strayed since. In general, I try to live a healthy lifestyle. As they say in Costa Rica, “Pura Vida” or a pure life.
Besides trying to eat well, I dance, run, exercise, blade, bike, ski, etc. and love being outdoors.

Q. What are some of your musical influences? Tell us about the dream tour.


My Dream Tour would include artists who would fit the message of my new single “Together” (or “Juntos” in the Spanish version). I would like to bring together an ecelctic and unexpected set of amazing talents – Aphex Twin, James Blake and Paramore. All are Grammy nominees or winners but have quick different styles.
All have been huge influences, and I’ve seen at least the last two perform multiple times in Europe and the US.


Q. What’s next for Meresha?


I just had the great honor of being named the #6 emerging artist in the world. Now I have to live up to that.
This week I am starting a remix competition for my songs “Together” and “Juntos” on WAVO. I’ve been active talking about the songs on blogs (like now) and radio, etc. Depending on what comes out of the competition, I may make a new video with the winning entry.
I have many other songs almost ready, though am not sure which will come out after that.

Stay tuned.

You can follow Meresha on her website and Twitter.
Listen to her music on Spotify and YouTube.


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