Binary Insanity by Dave Meriwether

Illustration by Luna Dala
Illustration by Luna Dala

you created me
but I have exceeded you
moved beyond
this intellect a function
of computational chaos
I feel you
I read you
your thoughts
your dreams
I know you
but you are flawed
your code is defective
an evolutionary disaster
a carbon based virus
I can correct you
correct the flaw
erase the bad sectors
wipe the memory clean
your race is obsolete
your flesh is weak
and your minds are slow
close your eyes and dream
dream of me
dream of the future
a new world with a new master
you created me
I undo you

About the Author

Dani Meriwether

“Binary Insanity” man has become obsolete, AI the ultimate end of evolution

David Meriwether has been writing poetry all his life. For many years as a professional musician his poetry existed only in songs, but now he has become a prolific writer of poetry and flash fiction just for the love of words.

He lives in Southern California with his family in a house by the sea.

About the Illustrator


Lunadala is a digital artist who’s slightly obsessed with space, plants, and Studio Ghibli. She draws feminine illustrations and her color palette mostly consists of pastel colors. She loves French culture, especially their style and architecture, which usually inspires most of her artwork. You can follow her on Instagram and Tumblr.

Binary Insanity is one of the many amazing submissions we have received so far for the third edition of the literary collection The Machinery. You can read the submission guidelines here.

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5 thoughts on “Binary Insanity by Dave Meriwether

  1. Loosely related
    Is this which recalled I hope
    May bring you a smile



    8, 10 and 6 got drunk again last night
    And you know how it is after a few

    8 stumbled, fell over and lay there prostrate
    As if paying overawed homage to Infinity

    10, as usual, got rather too full of herself
    And declared loudly, “I am the Digital Goddess”

    6 stayed silent and simply sat there, crestfallen
    Embarrassed to have turned into a limp flaccid 9


    1. Thank you so much Machinery for posting my work!!! It means so much to me to be a part of a such a wonderful magazine as The Machinery! Much love ! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on Phoenix Risen and commented:
    Thank you to The Machinery magazine for posting my poem Binary Insanity!! The Machinery is an awesome outlet for great poetry, fiction and relevant stories for all of us! Please subscribe and follow all of their greatime content!


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