Illustration by Shamanth Joshi

Alternate Existence by Ananya Talwar

Illustration by Shamanth Joshi

Love me,
Slow, and with poise,
And as humble as they crawl.
Your heart was cold,
But then I took you higher,
To the point where,
The sea diverges from the shore,
The sky from the land,
Black from white, the night from the stars.
It’s slow, but it’s not the typical.
What if,
It was all a lie.
That there was no such point of divergence.
The stars were bullet holes in the night,
That shone bright.
The sea was the melted shore,
That was dying.
The horizon was just an illusion,
That you dreamed about.
And the black was just shadowed white.
What if,
I was the pain in your heart,
You wake up with.
I am the nightmare
That won’t let you sleep tonight.
Promise me.
Promise me that you’ll fly on these lies,
Back into the time;
Where you find me melting into your arms,
And hold me just as close.
Promise me,
You’ll live in this alternate existence,
And remember me,
For all those lies,
For all those moments,
When I took your breath away.

About the Author

Ananya Talwar

“Making love the point of divergence, because it is the only thing that can make us go back and forth in time, for a high that is worth all of the pain.”

An artist since 1997, and an architecture student by records; Ananya Talwar is essentially an eccentric over-thinker, who weaves her imagination into subtle poetry. She’s everything spontaneous, vivid, sarcastic, and original. Her aim is to speak her mind and has deep conversations through ink and paper. You could find her doing what she loves at her blog- blog and her Facebook page

About the Illustrator

Shamanth Joshi

Shamanth Joshi is currently doing Computer science engineering in UIET, Punjab University. He loves playing Basketball and video games. He also loves sketching, especially when He is able to find something that inspires him. He finds comfort in songs and loves listening to Coldplay.

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