Author interview - Clarissa O. Clemens.

Author Interview- Clarissa O. Clemens

Clarissa O. Clemens is the author of 2 series of passionate poetry: the kinky yet classy erotic poetry  of   The Poetic Art of Seduction ; and a series of heart hopeful poetry written to heal and give hope to broken hearts everywhere (starting off with her own), The Poetic Diary of Love and Change .

Born in Burbank, California Ms. Clemens spent her childhood through early adulthood in the San Fernando Valley. She has been writing all of her life in one form or another. As a young girl, she wrote for her elementary school student paper, excelled in all her creative writing classes, and in her spare time she would express herself through short stories and poems that she would share with her friends and family.

Here is our poetry editor Ankur Chhabra in conversation with her.

Clarrissa. O. Clemens
Q. What intrigued you to take this road of poetry as a career, that too in this bold genre? What influenced you the most?

Thank you for asking. I’m honored for the chance to discuss one of my greatest passions in life with you today. I have always loved to write and play with words to paint the pictures in my mind. Most everything in my poetry is an expression of how I feel and experience life. I am very connected to my sensual/sexual self and have always actively followed my fantasies to fruition. The erotic poetry you see in The Poetic Art of Seduction series mirrors my great love of the sensual world. The body that God has designed and given to us is a gift that should be enjoyed. My poetry is my ode to the magnificence and magnitude of fun and pleasure that this gift, our bodies, has been given for each of us to enjoy.

Q. Does writing well-structured and rhyming poems satiate you (on personal level) more than writing free verse?

That’s a thought-provoking question. I am aware that much of my poetry appears to be structured lyrical lines of lust. When these lines flow out of me, it is done without too much doing. Does that make sense? The structure frees me. The rhyming tickles my joy and I feel like I’m exploding in light and creativity. The act of writing these lines that formulate into cohesive poems, fulfills and satiates me to the deepest part of my being. It allows me to truly be me.

Q. Have you ever come across any erotic poet who’s been able to ignite the spark within you, just like your poems do to your readers?

The only erotic writer/poet that has inspired me is Anais Nin. After I starting writing erotica, I sought out well know female erotic writers and began devouring her work. By reading her artistic and beautiful prose, it confirmed to me the importance of sharing my art.


Q. In the coming time, what can we expect from Clarissa O. Clemens?

I am so excited to announce that I have a special project that I have been working on over the last year. I became single a little over a year ago after an 8 year long term relationship. Onto the online dating sites I went like most single people do these days. One of first men I met online became the muse for my upcoming book, Red Wine and a Leash. I am a real-life lifelong sexual submissive and most every relationship that I have had in my life has been with an Alpha male (also known as a Dominant). This book is a years’s worth of my poetically recounted journals that he set forth as a mandatory protocol for being His submissive. He did not know specifically about my writing when he told me of this requirement to be with Him. The result of this journal writing requirement has expanded my writing style to something beyond poetry. I have only shared it with Him and a couple close friends. The feedback I have received from these individuals is that it is extremely visual. They all have said that my words paint these scenes in such detail and depth that they can see it in their mind’s eye. The interesting thing is that my eyes are mostly closed when my Sir and I get together which probably amplifies my understanding and ability to portray on a level beyond just sight what has transpired between us.

I am finishing the provocative cover design and hope to have Red Wind and a Leash available for purchase in late fall of 2016 or possibly sooner.

Q. And lastly, what message you’d like to deliver to young poets who want to pursue poetry as a profession, specifically erotica?

Whether you’re a new poet, young or old, and have dabbled in creative expression using erotica as your voice, do not filter yourself or judge your work as it goes from brain to ‘paper’. Allow your creativity to just be as it is. One can always go back and tweak it, if need be. The purest form of you will come through in this way. Embrace it. I find the less you mess with the initial flow of your art, the more pure and fulfilling it is for both author and reader.

You can follow Clarissa on Twitter@ClarissaClemens or connect on Facebook . You can check her books on her website.

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