The Machinery Team

Join our Team

Update – We have found our two new members . You can find about them here.

We are starting the preparations for our third edition and are looking to add new members to the team.

Poetry Editor

  • Experience and familiarity with literary magazines.
  • Socially active.
  • Easily accessible online.
  • Constructive feedback on submissions, whether accepted or rejected.

Mail us at telling us about yourself, your experience and any social media/blog links.


Mail us at with 5 samples of your art/photographs.

The Machinery Team

We are students and are not able to pay our staff as of now. You can read about us here.


10 thoughts on “Join our Team

  1. Hey, I had asked you guys to check out my blog posts and let me know whether I fit the requirements or not. Well, you did went through my blog, liked few posts and still continue to like some, but I never got to hear from you about the membership.

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  2. Hi. If you have any positions open still, please let me know and I will furnish the required details. If not, is there any other way I can contribute or be part of this magazine? I really admire all the work listed.


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