Illustration by Laura

I Blush for Ezra by Amanda Besserer

Illustration by Laura
Illustration by Laura

Something in her simple ukulele finger brush
and his tiny moans from the piano
makes me wish for love,
and perhaps the mystery
of my body’s capabilities would come to light
from this duet

Something in her high pitched sway
coupled by his studied vocal change
to please her in their harmony
makes me miss intimacy

I’m embarrassed to say I imagine that
he’d look to me as if to say:
“How did we make something so perfect?”

I become how I used to be lovely
in a crawl toward freedom,
for better and for worse

My sabbatical from life has made
me dream out loud

The possibility that I could be loved,
almost too beautiful for me to bear.

About the Author

Amanda Besserer

I wrote ” I Blush for Ezra” after listening to Moon Song by Karen O and Ezra Koenig for the first time. The duet reminded me of the shared moment between two people after making a baby, and seeing that baby for the first time; I imagine all of the hopes, dreams, fears that come with that. It becomes a metaphor for coming out of depression.

Amanda Besserer comes from the small town of North Bay, Ontario Canada, but she currently resides in Ottawa. She is a past editor at in/words Magazine, and Vagina Dentata Magazine. She is published in in/words, Vagina Dentata, The Steel Chisel, and The Loamshire Review (now defunct). She hopes to move to Taiwan to teach English while she continues to experiment with creative writing.

About the Illustrator


Laura is 26, she hails originally from the Midlands, and has been living in London for nearly 8 years. She currently works in HR for a retailer, but her head is mostly spent dreaming of travels and the wonders of space. She adores cats, cake, books, movies and Game of Thrones. She loves capturing her London life and sharing with the Instagram world. You can follow her here.

I Blush for Ezra is one of the many amazing submissions we have received so far for the second edition of the literary collection The Machinery. To submit for The Machinery-Second edition, you can go here.

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