Wish by Chris Stewart

Illustration by Daria Wollman.

The moon is a gondola
I wish would carry me away,
I wish would carry me away.

The clean bed sheets of my religion
Must surely be saturated now
With these nighttime thoughts,
The bad influences,
Communicable diseases,
My parents call them.

Yet I see a happy dance,
Skinny dippers writing psalms.
They’re like diaries, I’m told.

I return to my blank sheets,
And wish for the moon,
And wish for the moon,

To cease its tug on me.

About the author-

chris laurels.jpg

“The moon is the original Rorschach, really, isn’t it?  No two pair of peepers have ever gazed upon that silvery perception test and been in receipt of the same psychological evaluation.”

Chris Stewart has a poem forthcoming in the international annual Great Weather For MEDIA.  He plays at the Cheltenham Literary Festival in 2017.  He was long listed for the CYCLOP International Video-poetry Contest 2015.  His poems and stories appear in a variety of magazines including The Wrong Quarterly, The Atticus Review, Freak Circus and Outdoor Photography.  He’s anthologized in Break-Out (Ek Zuban, 2013). Tweet him @SideBurnedPoet.  See his award-winning film-poems here.

About the Illustrator

ryyrdx (1).jpg

Daria Wollman studies graphics in Academy of Fine Art in Katowice, Poland. She loves lithography (especially mezzo-tint on stone), painting and installation. She’s into portrait, geometry and cosmos.

You can find more of her works on Facebook.

Wish is one of the many amazing submissions we have received so far for the second edition of the literary collection The Machinery. To submit for The Machinery-Second edition, you can go here.

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