Author Interview- Suditi Jindal

Suditi Jindal lives in Chandigarh. She is the founder and CEO of the Learning Curve Academy. Her book Grow up Moon was well received by critics and readers. She has just launched her new title The Adulteress, She is hopeful that the book will encourage the readers to submit to ‘Divine Will’ or Love to unravel the mysteries of their lives analogous with her journey to the higher self while writing The Adulteress.

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Jaspreet Kaur in conversation with Suditi Jindal.

Here is our photographer and poet Jaspreet Kaur in conversation with her.

Q. When did you start writing and what inspired you to start filling up those blank pages?

1426448_10205787622033979_6249678359764375804_nThe earliest record of my writing is of when I was 9 years old. It is a poem I wrote for my mother. The stories and poems were simmering inside me and I was always the storyteller for my friends and cousins. So I wrote down what came to my heart more than my mind.


Q. What’s the story behind the very intriguing title of your first novel, “Grow up moon”?

1426448_10205787622033979_6249678359764375804_nMoon is the name of the protagonist of my first novel. She grows up, matures as the novel unfolds. Hence, the title. The novel is about the friendship of two young women who meet after marriage.
Their friendship gives them the courage to put the difficult questions to their spouses. Finally, their friendship also helps them to take off the rosy glasses and
Accept the reality but not give up the pursuit of their cherished desires.


Q. What are your views over identify and feminism?

1426448_10205787622033979_6249678359764375804_nBoth my novels have strong female protagonists. I believe that there are intrinsic differences between men and women and we all must accept, respect and appreciate them. Rather than proving who is better, we should celebrate the diversity. Having said this, I also want to point out that women have not been meted out equitable terms neither in earlier times nor in the present times.
So some encouragement and support is needed. But I would prefer that women should not let the dearth of these stop them from progressing.


Q. Which one is more close to your heart – Grow up moon or The Adulteress? And can you please share something about the next release?!

1426448_10205787622033979_6249678359764375804_nIt is like asking a mother as to which child she loves more. Both are close to me. Equally important and cherished. The book talks about self actualization and how we keep avoiding the questions that confront us about our true identity. Eventually it becomes a matter of life and death for us, we embark upon the journey of self quest and it leads us to abundance.


Q. What would you like to suggest to the young writers?
1426448_10205787622033979_6249678359764375804_nI would say to them to be FEARLESS! Don’t think of what others would say, will they read it will my language be technically be correct? Show these doubts the door to exit. Write gloriously like a celebration in zenith. One day the others will enjoy reading it as much as you enjoy writing it! So be true to your self, your craft and your stories smile emoticon There is more advice on my blog for budding authors that I posted today in the morning.

Suditi Jindal- Books
Grow up Moon and The Adulteress

You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter. You can order the Adulteress here.

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