Author Interview – J.C. Hannigan

J.C Hannigan

J.C. Hannigan lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, their two sons, and their dog. She writes contemporary romance, through which she brings to light awareness of mental health and social challenges.

Like any good Canadian, she loves hiking and carbs.

She is the author of The Collide and the Damaged series.

Here is our fiction editor Himanshu Goel corresponding with her.

Q. So before we talk about writing, I’d like to know the person behind the author. What drives you beside reading and writing?

J.C Hannigan

My family and friends, mostly! I also hate sitting idly so I prefer to keep busy in whatever ways that I can. My inability to sit still drives me to keep moving and keep going.


Q. Both the Collide and the Damaged have a similar genre. In the future do you see yourself trying out writing in other genres?

J.C Hannigan

I think everything I write will always have a romantic element to it, but I’ll probably dabble in other things too. I’ve been told a time or two before that I’m pretty good at telling ghost stories, so I’d like to try my hand at that.


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Collide by J C Hannigan.
Q. The covers of your books are amazing, do you have a part to play in the covers?

J.C Hannigan

Thank you! I play a huge part in the covers; I get basically 98% say. The other 2% is things like font placement and what not – stuff that’s outside my scope of knowledge. I get to pick out the concepts, the models, the fonts I have in mind though. It’s a really neat process!


Q. Who and what are some of your favorite authors and genres?

J.C Hannigan

Some of my favorite authors are Ginger Scott, Tillie Cole, Staci Hart, Helena Hunting, Whitney Barbetti, Karla Sorensen, J.K. Rowling, and George R.R. Martin. My favorite genre is romance, but I also love fantasy. I’ll basically read anything once!


Damaged Goods

Q. Out of The Damaged and The Collide, which one would you say you like more?

J.C Hannigan

That’s a hard one. Both are special to me for different reasons. Collide was the first novel I ever wrote, and Harlow’s character is one of my favorites. She’s tough, she’s guarded, she’s flawed but she also is loyal and fights for those she cares about. However the Damaged series is very near to my heart too, the chemistry and story between Everly and Grayson was born from similar experiences. Both series address mental health issues young adults and new adults face, and other social challenges.


Q. A lot of young aspiring authors will be reading this interview, what would you advise them for the start of their dream debut novel?

J.C Hannigan

I guess my biggest piece of advice would have to be: Be authentic, write for you, from your heart, because that really comes out on the pages and that emotion grips readers and holds their attention.


Q. Thanks a lot for your time. One last question, what does the future hold for J C Hannigan?

J.C Hannigan

Thank you so much for having me! Lots of awesome things will be happening for me…the first book in my new series – REBEL SOUL – is releasing later this spring. The Rebel Series is a contemporary romance series set in a small town in Northern Ontario. Each book will follow one of the Miller siblings. Plus I’ll be at the 2017 Romancing The Falls signing in Niagara Falls, along with several other fabulous authors including Ginger Scott and Helena Hunting!


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You can find her books here.

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