Hypocrite by Aarushi Grover


Illustration by Stephen

You are weak.
Weaker than that malnourished tramp on the street.
Weaker than that sheer fabric you wore to beat off the heat.
You are weak.

Your best defense?
Self- victimization.
Running from that realisation.

You are dependent
But not tenacious.
You hurt too much
But burn away the evidence.


But, are you?

You feel too much,
I have heard them say.
You love too much,
You say it aches.

Night and day,
you hand him the chords.
A mere puppet now.
You are powerless.
He is oblivious.

You say you are strong and independent.
You say you have big plans.
You show me clippings of your dream destinations.
He walks in,
you stuff them in a jar.

Yes, you are.


About the Author-


Aarushi Grover is currently pursuing bachelors in pharmacy from Punjab University. If something bothers her, she is conveniently in self-denial, she writes. She gets her answers. She gets a processed thought. If a relentless person or thought has made itself too comfortable in her heart, she writes. she gets over it. For 6 years, these string of words have been confined to one particular drawer in her cupboard. This poem is one of those.


About the Illustrator-


Stephen Pikarsky is the artist. You can find more works by the him here and on instagram. And here.

Hyprocrite is part of the upcoming collection The Machinery.

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