Three Haikus by Denny E. Marshall

Photo by Nathaniel Madlem


lost somewhere in space
finally find floating sphere
HAL 9000

moon elevator
seven point four hour ride
broke both loudspeakers

dreaming sideways
airplane propeller
bedroom ceiling fan


About the Author-

DEM Photo2

Denny has done poetry and artwork for a long time and a few years ago started writing fiction. Have had art, poetry, and fiction recently published. Have a website, 


Illustrated by-

Nathaniel Madlem is a freelance photographer hailing fro20160112_PNW2-142m San Diego, California, originally from Seattle, Washington. He enjoys landscape photography, as well as organized photoshoots, and is currently gearing up for a five week expedition to the North Pole.

You can find more of his works on his website and his instagram.

The Three Haikus are a part of the upcoming collection The Machinery.

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