Incantations by Bandhan Chauhan

Photo by Rohit Thakur.


Radiant, his glistening body
Pure crescent
Reflects obscurity
Violent soulless descent
Soft strokes, his lips
Scarlet permanence
Warm finger tips
Omitting conscience
Damp, his potions
Worth my vile
Gasping incantations
A cold lie.


About the author-


Bandhan Chauhan is a student of dental surgery. She wishes to be a singer.She likes to write songs and usually leave them incomplete. These incomplete songs turn into short poems.

You can find some of her writings here .


Illustrated by –

Rohit Thakur (19)FB_IMG_1452868775848.jpg
Basically from chandigarh, Ironically living in his parent’s living room. After dropping architecture and being a nightclub photographer he stays out whole night either shooting chicks in clubs or doing street photography.






Incantations is a part of the upcoming collection The Machinery, if you wish to submit you can go to Submissions.

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