And a one, And a two by Colin James


By Colin James


The enemy archers were doing
a remarkably accurate job.
If it wasn’t for the distinctive sidestep
developed one boring Sunday
by Chieftain Farrelly,
our numbers would be way down.
We can hear our oppressor’s laughter
yet our resolve is of a practical nature,
and our walks now incorporate this felicitous
way of avoiding death, if only barely.
As we negotiate our everyday tasks,
it isn’t our intention to attract
any other marauding admirers
that frequent this otherwise sanguine plateau.
Alas, another group is now arriving from the west.
Chieftain Farrelly is busy choreographing a new routine
that may just provide us enough creative control
prior to the impending solstice.


About the Author-
Colin James has a chapbook of poems, A Thoroughness Not Deprived Of Absurdity, published by Pskis Porch Press.
You can find it in the links below-
Illustrated by – 
Modita is doing engineering in UIET, Panjab University, Chandigarh.
She aims to travel the world, and has becoming famous as an artist on her bucket list. Her Plan A is to make her parents proud and Plan B is to open up an Art Gallery.
And a one, and a two is part of the upcoming collection The Machinery, if you wish to submit you can go to Submissions.

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